Warmth Warrior
Warmth Warrior
Warmth Warrior
Warmth Warrior

Warmth Warrior

  • 925 Sterling silver 
  • Oxidized and Brushed finish
  • Chain length 68 cm
  • Pendant size 3.5 x 4.5 CM approximately
  • Handcrafted in Israel
  • All items arrive in a gift box
  • Free worldwide shipping

People tend to get confused and think that sensitivity is a trait of weakness. On the contrary, Sensitivity is one of the most powerful features you need to have in your toolbox.  It is a huge gift that is hidden from most of us and often unappreciated. 

Lack of sensitivity can cause us to be harsh and unforgiving towards ourselves and others in vain, it can make us read signs wrong, and leave us wasting a lot of precious time not being present on what is really important.

 Although this trait is often associated with women, sensitivity is definitely found in men and should be nurtured no less, because anyone who listens properly to life with sensitivity, will get the best map with all the right answers inside.

Sensitivity is what makes us pay attention to the thin subtleties, that makes us listen better to others and to what our heart really wants to say, that makes us live big the small moments. It has the superpower of enlarging the heart and warming the fire inside. 

Out of sensitivity also comes pure love, between ourselves towards ourselves and between ourselves towards everything that life brings with it.

I have dedicated this model exactly to the unappreciated and yet most important quality inside our core. 

Warmth warrior is one of the strongest models in this collection, each of us needs this tool in his/her life.

Made with fire and love.