Our home base has moved to Thailand

We are back to send you jewelry full of meaning, power and love

Find your new symbolic piece

I invite you to explore a world of magical symbols I have created for people looking beyond. Every piece of jewelry was designed from an authentic place of truth and symbolizes different strength elements from our lives. Some are elements from which we need reinforcement of, and some are clean reflections of our inner world. Explore deep and find yours ...

Handcrafted in Israel by Shelly ganz

Made with fire and love

Who am I?

I create jewelry for 12 years now, and during those years I traveled, inhaled experience and exhaled memories I left behind.

I am growing and in that process I never stop creating.

Every collection I make is a story and every piece is a chapter. 

this jewelry are far out of being called fashion, they are life story of the growing human heart.

I invite you to share it with me.


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